So whats shakin,’ bacon?

  • (Side note – I agonized (ok for 10 seconds) over where the comma and the apostrophe should have gone in the title. I’m pretty sure its wrong.)

So when I last talked to you, I had “just” returned from Paso Robles and Avila Beach. How I miss it so.

  • Then I went to Reno for the day.
  • Then Denver for a night (Mile High Pixie YAY!).
  • Then turned around and went to Bend to look at my aunts horse for my roomie – he a bit too big for her, but I so want to find him a home. Hes got some talent.
  • Then off to northern, rural nevada for three days.
  • I thought I would be able to sit still for a few weeks, but alas, no – back to Carson City for a day.
  • I got out of going to Reno the following week which was nice.
  • Then it was various plant trips – fortunately all in the Vegas metro, but long days.
  • I was then rewarded three weeks later with a week long cruise with the fam to Cozemel and Cayman.
  • Back from that and back to Carson City for two days.
  • Then a last minute trip to Orlando to present a paper.
  • This week I’m headed to rural Louisiana to meet the Cowboy’s family. I’m not sure they even have internet.

And all I want to do is just sit at home for about 5 days and do nothing.

Its gotten so bad that I’m not even interested in wine anymore. Thats how tired I am. I did get some interesting photos – though my camera gave up the ghost in August and I’m using my iphone. ūüė¶

So happy holidays all. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong, otherwise I am going to face the world from Louisianna without my B-dawg or pony.



Where did you all go?

Oh wait. That was me. I left.

Ya’ll, I’ve been superest of busy. And like Aimee said on her post, when you’re gone for a while, its really tempting to stay gone because good lord how are you going to catch people up?

I promise a bulleted list, complete with maybe photos. Provided i find time before I head to rural Louisianna for Christmas. For 6 days. With the cowboy. (does my excitement show?)

Till then, peace out my peeps. I’m still here. Working hard for the money, so hard for it, honey. (you’re welcome)



Thanksgiving week in Grand Cayman.

Thanksgiving week in Grand Cayman.

Memory Makers

Things are OK here, gang. They are actually pretty darn OK.

But in the last 6 weeks, I’ve taken 7! trips. I have just gotten back from a whirlwind of Denver, Bend, and Winnemucca, so I’m beat.

But one of the trips was amazing – Check out Central Cali Coast. I’m not slowing down any time soon, so it will be a while before we catch up again.

Sunrise from “my” condo in Avila Beach. Muchos gracias to Dr. Linda and Bob.


Wine tasting in Paso Robles. (hiccup)


Sunset from Bob and Linda’s condo.

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle – more from herre later!


Of course all this time away has meant stuff piling up in my office. And with my work husband quitting, I’m the lone guard at the gate. Gotta run. More great photos from Hearst Castle coming soon, I promise!


The voices in my head…

“Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it is a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he.

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing. We can’t all, and some of us don’t. That’s all there is to it.”

“Can’t all what?” said Pooh, rubbing his nose.

“Gaiety. Song-and-dance. Here we go round the mulberry bush.”

Dog days of summer

Its about this time of the year we’re begging and pleading for the heat to “just please please go away.”

Last week, we got like 2 inches of rain and the low dropped to the 70s. It was nice. Then it got humid and hot. Which was not so. We’re back to 103 and dry, but I am ready ready ready for fall.

(OK, I’ve covered weather… now what…?)

Work is kind of a let down. When you go from being SUPER STRESSED back to the ho hum of normal plug and chug brillance, it’s boring.¬† Couple it with the fact that I am getting that career itch again – the one that makes me start looking for a Change, not because I’m unhappy necessarily, but because I like The Change, things are¬†feeling a little off kilter. This too shall pass – its gonna have to because even though I got my house during the real estate crash for less than 1/2 the new construction purchase price, it continued downward another $30,000 or more. So unless I get a relocation package that buys me out of my own house (.e.g executive level position! ha!), I’m staying put. For a while. Those areas that I fantasize about are the PNW, Denver, or the South East – mainly one of the CArolinas, or possibly VA.¬† We took the ponies to Utah for a weekend, and Rico got turned out on a pasture (very little grass, but still, grass!) and he loved it. I loved it. I miss having space to breathe, trails to ride. Like I said, I’ve got the itch. Wonder what I should treat it with.

September is looking busy. I am headed to Park City this weekend for a dressage clinic (just auditing, no riding. ūüė¶ )¬†I am supposed to go speak to a bunch of engineers at the university in Reno mid -month. I have no idea what I’m going to spew at them, so this should be fun. I also am planning to do a circuit of the northern plants as part of my normal job. There is a potential (though looking sadly unlikely)¬†wine-o trip to CA in there. And I have once again let my idea of Sport Horse NAtionals fall to the wayside. My new saddle caused some issues, the heat caused some issues, and frankly I just don’t have a couple thousand to blow on a horse show when I barely rode this summer.

Oh, and did I mention that my hot water heater in my 6 year old house decided to flood the garage last week? Oh yeah. Good times.

Tomorrow, Baxter turns 7. He brightens every single day and reminds me to have fun and play. He’s the best buddy a gal can have and I can’t begin to imagine what my life¬†would have been without him. God Bless Dogs, because they are a blessing to us.


My bestest snuggle muffin.



Just Olympics

Let me join the chorus – NBC – your olympic coverage BITES.

I went online last night to watch the highlights of dressage, and that’s what I got. EDITED RIDES – they didn’t even have the decencey to show the whole ride for the lone US rider who showed that day. Gah. Arseholes. Fortunately, they have ALL The footage available, I just have to dig for it.

MORE Fortunately, I follow numerous equine groups and companies on Facebook, including the FEI, so I am getting almost “live” reports from London about the dressage competition. Complete with photos and links to web articles reporting events.¬†Couple of observations:

#1 – I love the photos of the riders during warm ups. The fashionista in me (she is a very small portion of me, but she does exist. And she shops at Ross) loves seeing what these folks wear to exercise (aka “not show”) their horses. Saw lots of buttery brown boots, which is a new trend. Normally tall boots are black, black and er, black.

#2 – Also in those photos, the number of riders wearing HELMETS is heartening. Courtney King Dye’s accident has not gone unremarked. I loved that the USDF made helmets mandatory last year (except at FEI levels – boo), and I love that the top riders are making sure to wear them when they know they will be captured in print and be the apple of every little future dressage queen’s eye.

#3 – Stephen Colbert has been doing a whole series on dressge because of Ann Romney’s part ownership of one of the US Team horses. It has been freaking HYSTERICAL. He even rode the other night – and he does look smashing in tails. Word on the street is that Stephen has a fair amount of horse riding in his background, and it showed when Conchita, the big warm blood mare, spooked with him. He’s been been making fun (trucker hats, beer and foam fingers – the fingers are now carried by SmartPak and say “Dressage is #1”) and its been marvelous.

#4 – Oh yeah, speaking of helmets – check out the TOP scorer through the first round – she’s only 0.4 points off Edward Gal’s world record score…. Great Britain’s Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin. Photo by Jennifer Bryant… This is what a “10” extended trot looks like:

2012 Grand Prix Olympic round – Great Britain’s Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin. Photo by Jennifer Bryant

That’s right – top scorer, and she is WORKING that helmet. You go girl.

The US did make the team cut for the second round which is Tuesday. Then the best part, the individual competition, is next thursday – MUSICAL FREESTYLE.

After another saddle debacle, I think its finally straight – had a pretty good ride this am, and Rico decided he likes the Black Eyed Peas… He was grovin’ to some Boom Boom Pow.

Peace out, peeps.

Hot, Wet Mess.

We have had a great summer so far. I mean, yeah its been hot Рwe had some days that  actually got up to 117 (new record) and 114 and 114. But then the monsoons came.

Oh, monsoons how I love you so.

You see, I can take three days of hell if you promise me an end to them – one that comes after only a few days (then again, hell is never ending, according to my catechism class, so there you go…perhaps Vegas is just purgatory). On July 4th, it RAINED here. And then cleared out by 5pm – it was too cool to swim (don’t ask, its a desert-low humidity contradiction). We hiked up a couple hundred yards in the desert with our camp chairs, and like the last two years, parked our butts down on the hill side west of town in the middle of the desert to watch the fireworks shot off simultaneously from all the Station Casinios in the city.

The breeze was lovely – I wore a jacket.

On July 4th.


The fireworks started as this great just past full moon was rising, and it was really really pretty. And cool. The car said 68 degrees at 10pm on the drive home. My tire pressure light came on in my car. It was awesome.

And then it got hot again for a few days – nothing major, 104, 107. And then last weekend, it happened again – not as cool, but DAYS of clouds and scattered thunderstorms. I drove in the RAIN. AT NIGHT. I can not recall EVER driving in the rain at night during the summer in Vegas.¬† Ya’ll it even HAILED.


Its creeping back up again after this little adventure, but I see a 30% chance for more monsoons on Monday. It will be great. I asked my boss about this (a life long Vegan – as in Las Vegas, not “doesn’t eat meat or dairy or eggs” Vegan) and he said that this is what summer is NORMALLY like – not the “Death Ray of the Sun” for 100 days straigh¬†that I experienced my first three years here.¬† Screw the east coast and your heat waves. To heck with wildfires. If this is normal, I WANT IT.